Cooperatives Development and Support

Directorate: Enterprise Development

Service Offerings:

  • Advise and support potential entrepreneurs to establish businesses
  • Facilitate the establishment of cooperatives
  • Develop and support SMME's and cooperatives
  • Conduct entrepreneur programmes for target groups (youth, women and people with disability)
  • Assist SMME's and Cooperatives to access funding
  • Capacitate cooperatives to comply with Cooperatives Legislation and Regulations
  • Advocate for SMME's to access procurement opportunities within provincial departments

For more information Contact:
Mr P Maseko
Tel: 013 766 4378 / 4482
Fax: 013 766 4614

Registration of Cooperatives
Mr P Khumalo
Tel: 013 766 4833
30 Brown Street

Directorate: Economic Empowerment

Service Offerings

  • Link empowerment groups to large corporations
  • Monitor compliance to BBBEE by corporations

For more information Contact:
Ms I Serakalala

Tel: 013 766 4143
Fax: 013 766 4614

Directorate: Regional and Local Economic Development

Service Offerings:

  • Develop, support and review LED plans
  • Provide strategic economic development support to municipalities
  • Develop investment incentive strategies in districts