Consumer Protection

Directorate: Consumer Protection

Service Offerings:

  • Protect consumers from unfair business practices
  • Provide information on Consumer rights and responsibilities
  • Provide Consumer advice
  • Handle consumer Complaints
  • Adjudicates on consumer cases to ensure redress (Consumer Court)

How to Lodge your complaint

Complain to the branch manager or customer care office of the business concerned before asking the Consumer Protection Office to intervene. The office has trained staff (investigators) to help resolve your complaint and advise you on your rights as a consumer.

Ways of Complaining

  • In Person
    Put your complaint in writing so that you can hand it over to the person you spoke to.
  • Telephone complaints
    First find out if there is a toll-free helpline you can call. If not, call the head office and ask to speak to the person in charge of consumer complaints or customer service.
  • Complaint by letter
    Address the letter to the Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer.

For more information contact:

  • Ermelo: 017 8114830
  • Nkangala: 013 947 2240
  • Bushbuckridge: 078 842 644
  • Witbank: 013 692 7934/5848
  • Nelspruit: 013 766 4943
Directorate: Business Regulation

Service Offerings:

  • Regulate gambling and betting activities in the Province (Mpumalanga Gambling Board)
  • Implement business licensing and trading hours legislation (Mpumalanga Liquor Authority)
  • Create awareness on the effects of liquor and gambling (Consumer Education)

For more information contact:
Ms B Mabaso
Tel: 013 766 4112
Fax: 013 766 4614