Department aims to bolster SMMEs

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Registered SMMEs and Cooperatives are set to be strengthened by government. The Department of Economic Development and Tourism aims to create viable, autonomous self-reliable and self-sustainable growing SMMEs and cooperatives. With the focus solely on registered businesses, the Sector and Enterprise Development Directorate is on a drive to educate all aspiring business people and equip them with all the necessary skills to run a profitable business.

The workshops, held at Matsulu and Mashishing were aimed at addressing some of the challenges faced by business people, such as registrations on the new Central database System (CSD), differentiating between the different types of companies such as cooperatives, private companies and so forth.

Speaking during the Mashishing workshop, Mr Makaringe, Regional Director for Ehlanzeni and Co-operatives Development Sector said “As business people you need to keep up to date with all the developments in the business sector, familiarise yourself with the latest technology, social media, and all other platforms aimed at promoting your business.” “We will be conducting training seminars in the near future because we acknowledge that SMMEs and cooperatives are mostly initiated by unemployed people, often with low skill level, no prior business experience, especially in economically marginalised areas.” “A lack of both management and technical skills undermines the chances of success, and this also contributes to tensions within cooperatives,” said Mr Makaringe.

MEC Sikhumbuzo Kholwane pledged that the Department will assist small businesses from inception to ensure success. “The Department will provide all the necessary training and working tools to ensure that there is no excuse for failure,” said the MEC. “We will also ensure that the money of Mpumalanga is spent in our Province to ensure a vibrant economy.Let us circulate our money between ourselves, thus ensuring that we support one another.” “As government, we will walk the talk. Whatever service we require at a certain time, we will search and find the provider within our Province, be it building material, food, and so forth,” said the MEC.

MEC Kholwane concluded by saying, “We encourage the aspiring business people to never give up. It is a long road ahead, there is no overnight success in running a business. There will be ups and downs, losses and gains, therefore, on this long and hard journey, we want to create real business people. We want real entrepreneurs and not tenderpreneurs.”